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Cheapest WoW Gold Reviews 2015

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50,000 Gold $ 22.29 Guy4Game
50,000 Gold $ 22.49 IGXE
50,000 Gold $ 22.35 GameUSD
50,000 Gold $ 28.51 MMOXP
Cheapest WoW Gold(June 12, 2015 15:33)

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Cheapest WoW Gold Reviews

Guy4Game Review 2015

Guy4game was established in 2004 by the Virtual Materials Transaction team, a subsidiary of our mother company GUY4GAME INC. Primary services include:WoW Gold service, Power leveling service, Accounts, Game Guides and other value added services on virtual items.Guy4game provides game currency for 17 main games and process a total of 15,000,000 transactions per day, at a realistically low price. Promising of fast delivery and secure transactions give us favourable feedback from more than 50,000 customers.

Guy4game Convenient Features:

  • Timely Order Processing and Communication
  • No Limitation Refund Policy
  • 24-7 Online Customer Support:┬áLive chat, Skype, Email, Toll-Free
  • Professional and Dedicated Support Staff
  • Many Customizable and Personalize-able services

Anadolu A. review: Ordered the minimum amount, was quickly contacted via email and sorted through the process of purchasing gold. Service was quick efficient and in 4-6 hours I had the currency in game. Very happy about the process as a whole and will be using their services in the future.

Bryan L. Review:Delivery within 10 minutes. Very satisfied. Now I can spend more time playing the actual game, and not griding to earn gold as if it were a job.

Kenneth S. Review:got 11k in less than 10mins great service was a lil cautious because of them requiring your address and for you to sign up and register to order but it seem legit

IGXE Review 2015

IGXE offers in-game gold(currency) of hundreds games for gamers, like World of Warcraft Gold on PC, FIFA Coins on console and browser game currency from 2004. As the most important section of IGXE, game currency or game gold helps players saving more time to adventure games, discover different experience and realize their dreams. Our team is professional, efficient and zealous. IGXE are striving to be the best! For you! Satisfied all customers is IGXE goal!

andyusa U. review:IGXE make the delivery fast and instantly with The Best and cheapest Price
IGXE, Internet Game Exchange, is the one of the top brand of the game service for all your gaming need.
IGXE stared it's IN-GAME Service from 2004. With 10 years experience, we are becoming more and more professional.

Ryan D. review:Just got excellent service from Hoy Stark! Ordered and delivered in about 30 mins from my initial inquiry with Hoy. Thanks! :)

William M. review:Really need to say THANKS for igxe! I purchased 3000k FIFA15 Coins on Xbox one. And i got an email said cannot find my player so i go to Live Chat asking help. The customer service Rep. Eva just do me a big favor for this issue, and i update a new players then got my coins immediately! BTW, igxe have covered the 5% tax, thanks!

Trevor R. review:I ordered gold for Tibia and the service was other words very fast. The gold was in my account the next morning. I spoke to someone real time on their help line to confirm order details and the service was timely and polite. Good Stuff IGXE!!!!